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Welcome to the Official UnBreakableZ Website
Booster Gold here, and when I'm not in Gotham wondering why I dropped out of college at the University of Gotham, i am here on the UnBreakableZ Official website. It ranges from the front page for brief information, or I go to the forum, where they have more info that I need in depth. Recruitment and other events can be discussed here as well, so don't be shy to register and log in. I heard Jack Ryder is here as well, I better go before I get told how wrong I am. Booster Gold out!

Guild News

To Need or Greed-Rules to our Group Loot.

xdaline, Mar 6, 11 1:48 AM.
We have very simple rules on this. Everyone may GREED an item and roll the dice to see if they get it.

You may NEED only if it is specific to your role and it will help out your stats. Do not NEED an item because you need the style over someone else actually needing the item to improve their gameplay.

Damage roles-If you happen to be playing in Damage role and a role specific item drops for your primary role (tank, controller, or healer) please only need the item if you actually play those roles. For example, if your a tank but always play in damage role because you prefer it and dont truly need the item please greed it and allow a tank specific player to benefit from it.

97.1 weapons- DO NOT EVER need a 97.1 weapon unless it will be used by you.

League Bank (for the up coming heroes and new characters)

LametheCalm, Mar 4, 11 4:40 AM.
Will be making a bank character for those who get items for integration (that you don't want to sell).

This will be for the people coming up that may need some more Armor and/or Weapons while coming up.

Web Site Live on GuildPortal!

LametheCalm, Feb 21, 11 9:23 PM.
This is a great place to keep members and visitors up to date on things of interest!
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UnBreakableZ Requirement:

- Must be a Hero
- Must have a Mic
- Must have good etiquette (Especially in RAIDS and ALERTS)
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